At TPP we are always listening to our customers and trying to incorporate as many user requests as we possibly can into our plugins. Over the last few months, the number 1 request we’ve received is to add the ability to set up Table Rate Shipping tables for more granular geographic regions like states and postal codes in addition to countries. While a single shipping table per country makes sense for a lot of marketplaces, it doesn’t for just as many, and for the ones it doesn’t make sense for, we’re excited to announce the new features in Table Rate Shipping 2.0!

When a vendor creates or edits a shipping table, they will now see an option to set the “Table Regions”, which can be one or more continents, countries, or states/provinces. Beyond that, if they wish to get more detailed, they can use the new “Table Postcodes” area to enter either a specific postal code, a range of postal codes, or a portion of a postal code with a “*” wildcard.

With this seemingly small change, the power of Table Rate Shipping has increased exponentially! Now vendors have much more control over their shipping prices. Those who wish for a “one size fits all” shipping rate can still build a country specific table, but those who need more control can easily build more granular rate tables.

You can read more and purchase Table Rate Shipping here!

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