One fateful day in late 2014, I (Chris) sent the below email to Brett, the developer of a plugin called WooTax, as more of a Hail Mary than anything.

Hello, your tax plugin looks awesome and I will be purchasing it and setting it up on one site right away! My question is in regards to a second site we are setting up, and that will be a multi-vendor type site (like Amazon) where we will fill some orders, but other orders/parts of orders may be filled by vendors living in separate states. We are looking for a solution to successfully calculate the correct taxes for each product, without having to manually create/maintain tax classes specific to each state we have a vendor in (if that makes sense). So, I wanted to see if you would be available for any custom development to create a plugin for this functionality. Thanks! Chris

You see, I am no developer, but I can install plugins like nobody’s business!  I was in the early stages of creating a business, and being one to jump in head first, I was already waist deep into a multi-vendor style marketplace, with no clue on the best way to handle the tax implications of selling products from multiple states, to customers from all over the country.  Not only did Brett come through in a big way, the email above established a working relationship that continues today.  During that time, the marketplace needs grew and we developed some REALLY cool stuff!  It seemed to me that most marketplace plugins were really geared more toward digital products, or simple products. We utilized complex products with multiple options, and that provided for opportunities to custom build plugins to fit our needs. Since then, we have undergone a conversion from one multi-vendor plugin to another, created some really cool wizards, as well as figured out we work very well together!  Because of that, we have decided to offer some of our custom solutions to the public!

Take a look around, and see what we have to offer!