Marketplace Taxes connects your Dokan or WC Vendors marketplace to TaxJar, enabling you to automate sales tax calculations, reporting, and filing so you can focus on running your business.

Whether you want to collect tax on behalf of your merchants or simply make tax compliance easier for them, Marketplace Taxes is a great way to make your WooCommerce marketplace more attractive.

Want to use Marketplace Taxes with WC Marketplace? Support is coming soon!


Accurate sales tax calculations

Calculates sales tax with TaxJar’s state-of-the-art SmartCalcs API so you can rest assured that you’re collecting the right amount of tax from your marketplace customer, every time. Automatically handles complicated sales tax sourcing rules and accounts for differences in shipping and product taxability between states.

Optional: Choose to be the seller of record

In sales tax jargon, the seller of record is the person or entity responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax on each sale. With Marketplace Taxes, you can choose to be the seller of record and handle the administrative burden of sales tax for your merchants.

Simple reporting

Integrates with TaxJar Reports so you or your sellers can automatically generate accurate, return-ready sales tax reports.

Don’t want to use TaxJar Reports? No problem! Just leave the ‘Sales tax reporting’ option unchecked.

TaxJar report example
Sales tax reporting option

Seller onboarding tools

When your merchants are the seller of record, they will be guided through configuring their tax settings. Whether you have dozens of merchants or none at all, deploying Marketplace Taxes is easy!

Affordable pricing

With TaxJar, you pay a simple monthly fee based on your transaction volume. Pricing starts at only $17/mo for up to 1,000 transactions per month.

Click here to view all of TaxJar’s pricing plans.


Do I need a TaxJar account in order to use Marketplace Taxes?
Yes, in order to calculate taxes using live tax rates, you will need a TaxJar API token. Information on obtaining the SmartCalcs API token can be viewed here.
Do my vendors need a TaxJar account?
Vendors do not need a TaxJar account to have sales tax calculated for their items. However, if a vendor wishes to utilize TaxJar reporting, they will need to have a TaxJar account for their transactions to be uploaded to.



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