We’re very happy to announce the release of version 3 of our Payouts plugin, which introduces the ability to instantly split PayPal payments with up to 10 vendors during checkout. This feature is powered by a new PayPal Express Checkout payment method that can be enabled alongside the PayPal Payouts and Bank Transfer payment methods you already know and love.

How does it work?

Payouts 3.0 includes a PayPal Express Checkout payment gateway. When this gateway is enabled and a customer pays with PayPal, the payment for each vendor that has opted to be paid via PayPal is sent directly into their PayPal account. Your commission plus any commission for vendors that have opted to be paid via another payment method is sent directly into your PayPal account.

Are there any fees?

With Express Checkout, each party that receives a PayPal payment will pay the standard PayPal transaction fee. See this document for an up to date list of fees.

Can instant payments be used with other payment methods?

Absolutely! If any of your vendors have opted to be paid via another payment method like manual bank transfer, their commission will be sent to your PayPal account so you have the funds to cover the payout later.

You can see a full list of all changes in Payouts 3.0 by clicking the version number in the sidebar on the plugin page. Please feel free to contact us or drop a comment below if you have any questions about this update!

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