We released version 2.3.0 of Table Rate Shipping – our flexible table rate shipping solution for WC Vendors and Dokan – on January 24, 2022. It includes a few exciting new features that we wanted to highlight for you.

Product Level Overrides

Table Rate Shipping now supports defining product level overrides for the global store shipping rates. It’s as easy as checking a box in the vendor dashboard and defining table rates using the same intuitive UI you’re familiar with.

A new checkbox on the edit product screen allows vendors to define product level shipping rates

Max Charge

Vendors can now define a maximum shipping charge using the Max Charge field in the table editing dialog.

The new Max Charge fields lets vendors put a cap on the shipping charged to the customer

New Calculation Method: Base Charge + Additional Charge Per Item

Vendors that define shipping rates based on the number of items in the customer’s cart now have the ability to apply a base shipping charge for the first item plus an additional charge for each subsequent item. When combined with the new Max Charge setting this can be very powerful.

New fields enable defining a base charge for the first item and an additional charge for each additional item in the cart

Mobile Optimization

Table Rate Shipping is finally mobile compatible! Vendors editing their shipping settings from a mobile device will be delighted to use our new, mobile friendly table editing experience.

The new, mobile friendly table editing UI in Table Rate Shipping

All of these new features are covered in the updated Table Rate Shipping docs, which can you find here.

Table Rate Shipping 2.3 also includes a couple of bug fixes and officially declares support for WooCommerce 6.1 and WordPress 5.9. Please refer to the changelog on the Table Rate Shipping page for more details.

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