One of the most asked for updates so far in 2020 is to extend Dokan compatibility to our Table Rate Shipping plugin.  We are excited to announce the most recent update to Table Rate Shipping includes Dokan compatibility!  Starting with TRS version 1.4.0, Dokan will be a supported marketplace plugin! That means if you have, or are planning on utilizing Dokan for your marketplace, you can now leverage one of the simplest, yet most easily scaling shipping solutions for your vendors.

Table Rate Shipping allows your vendors to easily set cart based shipping rates for each country they ship to.  Vendors can choose to base their rates on item cost, item count or total item weight in a customers shopping cart.  This allows vendors to quickly and accurately determine shipping rates, as well as encourage buyers to purchase certain amounts to qualify for promotional shipping rates!

To learn more about Table Rate Shipping, or to purchase it, click here.

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